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Over the years, I have visited many shops, many street fairs, many antique shops and flea fairs, I have found antique pieces and invented a lot … many of them used in shows such as Casa Cor. Now you have where to find these pieces, most are single piece. Enjoy!

Cedar Rose Table

This table was used in a decoration show, it is beautiful, made of solid pink cedar, unique piece!

Iron lamps for gardens

This piece was used in one of the first shows I attended, there on Avenida Paulista, at the Casa das Rosas. Perfect for gardens and outdoor areas, between plants and a good scented candle!


This delicate print, developed from "recycled things" is hers, from the decorator's wife, I know this site is on the brink of nepotism, but, it's beautiful is not it?

Chair Emperor

I bought between Parati and Ilhabela, where I landed right in the hands of the Argentine artist residing in Ilhabela, Fred Angel, longtime partner in several artistic pieces.
It was used in the Casa Color show, in a very charming, colorful cafe full of personality, who passed by there will remember, a place to get lost and stay.

african sculpture

22cm wood sculpture, purchased directly from the New York resident Africans, was used to produce materials for Casa Claudia and Casa e Jardim. Rarity, single piece.

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