design as a bridge between the senses and the world

During these almost 20 years, many stories, many homes and many friends I made, some of them here telling themselves, the experience to transform and build a home.
What can help those who need an opinion on the experience of the other.


I met the work of Fabio, in the neighborhood where I live.
And I decided at that moment that my house would have its signature.
Put into words what we feel is not always an easy task.
The project was quickly defined and the work performed without a hitch … who Secrets love what you do !!
Our home became a pleasantly cozy space!
The meetings … The celebrations have right address. Always happen here!
Who here in the visit, has no desire to leave us …
It is common to see pedestrians admiring the facade. Some passing cars give reverse!
Of course!
Here is a place where lives joy.

Lenise and Castillo


The house is an extension of ourselves, not just a refuge that welcomes and protects us. It is the place to express and strengthen ties with family and friends, known and unknown, that one day become friends. When I open my house, I open my heart to the other.

My house is beautiful and embraces me with love in all its corners. Keep it alive and vibrant is a necessity, something that makes me happy. The flower pot adorned myself, essences floating in the air awaken me to the pleasure, the new picture on the wall reminds me that life is amazing. I want to see her always smiling, a beautiful place to live!
For all these reasons, I need help to create this private paradise.

I chose a talented professional, for whom I have immense affection. Someone I know who know me well, I hear my fantasies and needs carefully. And that respect, especially. Someone who becomes my psychologist, my particular artist, my resolves all, my friend’s heart, who loves my house the way she is! Like me…

Fabio with his sensitivity captures the energy of the couple and the individuality of each to prepare wonderful, creative and comfortable spaces, integrating the environment and valuing each corner. His ideas and vision demonstrated in the project (paper) materialize in an even better way.

In our present home the living room and kitchen are part of delicate and subtle way, our kitchen (Gourmet) was so nice and practices that guests often do not want to go out there everyone can get around the island seeing and talking to whom this cooking . Our room was large and very cozy with a fireplace so innovative that have never seen elsewhere. The lighting was a very important point, to give warmth and really it Fabio is amazing in all environments. In the couple’s suite, the dressing room was very spacious, light and airy, with a very intelligent distribution for male and female clothes, shoes and bags. How can we speak of our bathroom, each with a sink, a toilet, your shower, but the large balcony we could see us when we’re in the bath or shower, I would say that all couples should have a bathroom so was unbelievable.

Our room, closet, bathroom and office are isolated from the rest of the house, giving us plenty of privacy and with kids it really helps a lot, another beautiful balcony of Fabio.



Fabio came into our life for a cosmetic issue. The references of his work pleased us a lot. What we did not realize is that this relationship would become too emotional …
To know him personally for a first conversation, we thought he spoke our language. In fact, what we feel is that guy he caught our style, and that it would work in our project.

And it was.
With all the details always previously discussed, we were doing our work together. All very conversed steps and all solutions were appearing and leaving us increasingly confident in the outcome. We had some mishaps – of course, all the work has – that were not directly his responsibility. There were serious health problems with the staff people, and it ended up interfering with the schedule. It was boring even.
And in these moments we feel still confidence in Fabio because he never made detours and always feel at ease with him to also put our insecurities and dissatisfactions. One of the coolest things in the design of our house is that it would have to have a very specific professional use of space. And the solution presented by Fabio went further than we had thought. We are talkers, and he just designed a studio right in the center of the apartment, with large glass windows (which the studio is called ‘Aquarium’) giving to the living room and into the kitchen. Imagine an audio studio with microphones, speakers, in short, all the paraphernalia in the middle of the room! It is one of the coolest things we have in our house, and always functioned as a way of being the integrated all the time.
He gave super right! Another cool thing is that our apartment is old, and brings well-marked references of the 60, and Fabio knew modernize it with good balconies that have made it more comfortable without uncharacterized it. It was only added more charm. And then, every time we were adding more details to the apartment or even modifying some environment, our partnership continued working.
Anyway, all this the coolest thing is that we made a work with a professional and have gained a friend. And look, there goes almost 15 years!

Perola Paes


Suddenly it was over. Or started. At forty years of age and after 18 years of marriage, had to rebuild. Rebuild all. Rebuild roads, habits, routine and especially the home. Thus, the small apartment that was purchased “as an investment” had to be transformed into a cozy place to bear the fear and loneliness of crisis, but also received a labrador 50 kilos who spent the weekend with her mother. Then a friend recommended. Another friend also. A designer. That’s it. This designer will help you to have a home again.
Fortunately I believed.
And began a huge transformation. Always mixing functionality and warmth, the corridor turned closet, tv serving the room or the room, knocked down walls integrated living room and kitchen that still maintained their individuality through different floors. The office that I needed so much? It was very well accommodated in the bedroom closet. And the room received a huge sofa where mother and son fours could comfortably watch TV. They were 80 meters of pure pleasure and happiness.
… Until needed again. The dog 5 years, his 50 kilos and her dysplasia needed to move to my house. I would have to rebuild roads, habits, routine and our home.
Working 15 hours a day need to take care of one salaried hairy. And since we need the maid would be better also have a guest room.
And since it was to increase, I decided that my closet deserved more than a runner. And if I had a bathroom with two showers could also perhaps a boyfriend. And maybe with a modern kitchen, I could cook more.
And the 80 meters, were exchanged for a new apartment 220 meters. Old, outdated, but one of the best points of Itaim Bibi. He deserved a designer. In fact, he deserved that same designer who had made me happy. He deserved to participate in this new phase of life. And we began the transformation that it was perhaps the most beautiful place I’ve lived.
A decent suite queen with a magnificent closet and more closets and cabinets. And more cabinets. Coats, boots, handbags, long dress, short dress, handbags, jewelry, clothing cold or heat. It had space.
The room, which was expanded by the demolition of one of the rooms was clear, with natural fiber blinds, sofa tailored and comfort to receive.
The sight of the antennas from Paulista Avenue on the horizon were completed with a Von Poser frame of the same avenue. The fireplace, strategically positioned and beautifully designed, won desirous sighs of friends and eventually got a deserved international award.
The modern and functional kitchen chefs received several friends who filled the apartment of good aromas and flavors. And the bathroom with two showers, even just bringing a new boyfriend.
And one day a friend brought a friend. Who loved the apartment and made such an interesting offer that just did not accept because he had nowhere to go, not thinking about change, nor was where to put the furniture … So she decided to pay for everything. Could leave until linens and cookware. What else could I do?
I had to rebuild roads, habits, routine and my home … And so it happened.
A new apartment and the old desires did once again look the same architect who had accompanied other phases. They began the wall demolition, the choice of finishes. It was such a quiet retirement. I spent more than I could. Vanity finally went beyond reason. It was not just me and the designer. Now were I the designer and a new husband. And between leaps, bounds multiple accounts to pay the reform is over. Another wonderful apartment. Once again the magnificent view, the clarity, the stylish finishes, masterchef kitchen, closet and cabinets worth socialite.
But, again, I had changed. And instead of change and enjoy the reform that had caused some friction, I preferred to rent the apartment and recover part of the investment made in it.
All this happened in just over 10 years.
Today, at age 52, still with the same boyfriend but got tired of meetings and seminars of 15 hours. Also tired of the traffic and the lack of SP security. I had to once again rebuild roads, habits, routine and our home.
We moved to the inside, we set up a store and have a new puppy (old labrador died at age 12). And just bought a house the size of new dreams. A house that resembles in size the first apartment. But with a large green area around. Guess who I hope do the project of this new home?
Fabio Galeazzo thank you for following so many years of my life.

Ana Balleroni


First a house, our house in question has to have the face of who we are as we are and live. You have to have the lifestyle and the true identity of the residents. In addition to beautiful and functional must have room for feelings. When we bought the manor, by detonated sign, I knew it was him that I wanted to live. Gaspar or so. I could imagine how beautiful it could be. We seek to Fabio, as he had done to reform the house of a friend and I had loved. It was my face. Our partner was happy from the first meeting. Fabio understood what we wanted and when we presented the project told us that the more “no” more we talked the house would be our way. This caught my attention. Each corner has been designed with great care. And what happened ? Our house was simple and beautiful! Of course during the reform period had ups and downs. We laughed and cried, fought in desentendemos, we were wrong, we were well in emocionamos, etc … It’s been twelve and our feeling the house has not changed … we love living here. Who enters falls and does not want to leave. Our house is welcoming a place of sincere and true love. In this house we have almost everything, including a nest of birds under our window.

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