design as a bridge between the senses and the world



An interactive experience In this multifaceted space in São Paulo, the interaction between users and the place is encouraged through a daring design.
Espaço Colletivo + Casa Manual is much more than a store. Located in the shopping center Morumbi Shopping, in São Paulo, the project designed by Galeazzo Design – in collaboration with the architect André Nucci and the designer Dani Gautio – extends over an area of ​​around 1,800 square meters. “The future of architecture and design are the environments that create experiences”, Fabio Galeazzo, founder and creative director of Galeazzo Design.
Conceived mainly with wood, bamboo and iron, an exposed structure with hydraulic, electrical and air conditioning installation stands out in the space, as well as the walls that show the imperfections and on which are exhibited works created by artists, which change regularly to offer an always different experience. A bamboo wall 12 meters long and four meters high welcomes visitors who discover a place inspired by the street markets and handmade. A shelving in the shape of spiral exhibits different types of products such as clothing, decorative objects, toys and cosmetics, among others. Around this key element, several creative cabins have different functions: learning (thanks to the possibility of attending classes and workshops given by artisans); feeding (with the presence of a restaurant-cafe); the singing (through a stage where musical shows are organized); the game and relaxation. These cabins and the way to place them -around the center- were inspired by the architecture and the typical indigenous dances. Through this fun, colorful and dynamic project, Fabio Galeazzo explored the passionate theme of his mastery of creativity and innovation at the Fernando Pessoa University in Portugal, about how environments can interact with users and they feel part of the space.

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