design as a bridge between the senses and the world




Over the last five years, I have devoted much of my time in a constant search, linked to gym and a personal obsession.

Time running on the UFP, where in 2016 I become master by the University of Porto in Creativity and Innovation, of course, could not fail to mention the special classes at FAU, fundamental to deconstruct and reconstruct my look and my character over the house and address, and agents constantly changing working in the transformation of home.

After almost 20 years working as an interior designer, these recent provocations, turned me, changing my role.

And so I dedicated this part of the site, to share my purpose and activities that build to enable these features in society that we operate.

The first work that I draw attention, went to the North Center Design that turns “during the DW! 2014 collect discarded products throughout the region of the North and within the Shopping Center Norte, we set up an exhibition for residents, showing how design changes and new meanings to objects before discarded.

In 2015, I was honored to join the BDA, an event in northern France, which draws nearly 16,000 people to the small town of Roubax, are thousands of people visiting this city to see the work of thousands of designers from various cities Europe, producing design much waste material.

The world changes, we must think how we want to act and be present in it.

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