design as a bridge between the senses and the world


We love challenges! When we created a balcony for CasaCor São Paulo, we joined our team for a great brainstorm, we wanted to talk about primitive peoples, but without falling into stereotypes.

Our hearts beat hard for Africa, and we decided to create an environment of contrasts, guided by ethnic culture, technological materials, art, and of course … touches of Brazil … after all Africa is inserted in our culture, much more than we can imagine.
The balconies started to compete with the living room and the dining room, they became spaces of coexistence and fun rescuing to many residents of the city the life in the open air.
In decor shows we like to test materials and ideas, play with the textures breaking any pre-conceived rules, and so we create a place full of contrasts, from the intense brilliance of gold to the dry tones of straw and jute, natural elements with bark of trees, ceramics and demolition wood alongside vintage objects from various parts of the world.
It all began by bringing the fire, sacred element of the primitive people, to the center of attention, the fireplace!
Approximately 30 plates of the Brazilian soapstone cut one by one, were stacked to receive the container of the fireplace, the project was so daring that the traditional Italian company Bizassa, spared no effort to bring to the event, nothing less, the What GOLD inserts !!!! Yes, there is nothing more enjoyable than standing next to companies that “buy” our crazies and sponsor our creations.



To calm and balance the materials used in our “Premium Work” fireplace, around it a deck type wooden base with large futton cushions, a place to sit and talk or even lie down or meditate. The finishing touch was on the red lamb’s wool blanket.
Note in the picture below, on the shelf, typical African pieces next to ceramics from all over the world … small touches with lots of charm! Not everything was from Africa, many pieces of different origin, such as this hemp striped wool rug from Iran. After all primitives communicate with the marks of manual making.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 5.03.45 PM


The walls were lined with bamboo, we loved bamboo! A durable and renewable material, and as our mission was to dare, notice that we decided to install the bamboo inside out, creating a soft texture through the nodes of the bamboo that were exposed, much indirect light for the environment to be cozy, works of art, prints varied, sculptures … a place full of memories.
Some of the pieces, such as this tree trunk turned pot, were mined in the middle of the bush, this American game of buriti straw coming from Maranhão. All thoughtlessly planned and studied to get this face stripped.
Our color palette, formed from the intense yellow gold to the natural shades of beige and earthy like brown and ocher, touch of red and green, a provocative, daring environment full of personality.
Works of dear Florian Raiss, incredible artist with a particular style that with perfection told about our creation to the visitors of the event.
In the corner of the barbecue and cellar, formed by colorful furniture, multi-use lockers keep equipment, act as a bar and the corner of the coffee … in time to worship everyday pleasure, everything should always be at hand.
On the table, the same dares are repeated, now in the details, handmade ceramics in counterpoint to pieces of glass and mirrored trays. To finish with modernity pieces with Scandinavian design leave in the kitchen more practical and functional.


Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 5.05.35 PM


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